Queensland University Libraries Office of Cooperation (QULOC) is a collaborative organisation of university libraries in and around Queensland, Australia. QULOC's activities are guided by a terms of reference and a strategic plan. At the centre of QULOC is the University Librarians' Committee, setting priorities for the organization and initiating programs. These directions are implemented by a series of working parties and practitioner groups, consisting of members from each institution. Working party convenors and their terms of reference are decided by the University Librarians' Committee. Working parties meet regularly to discuss topics of interest, collaborate on initiatives, and organise activities to support the professional development of library staff.

Member Libraries

Australian Catholic University
Bond University
Charles Darwin University
Griffith University
James Cook University
Queensland University of Technology
Southern Cross University
University of the Sunshine Coast
University of New England
University of Southern Queensland
University of Queensland
State Library Queensland [Observer]

Statement of Purpose and Values

QULOC exists to:
  • Develop the capability of member libraries and their staff
  • Collaborate across member libraries to deliver strategic, cost effective, value added library services
  • Partner with Queensland agencies to enhance research, scholarship and innovation

To achieve the purpose, we value:
  • Learning, development and innovation
  • Collegiality, networking and knowledge sharing
  • The richness of our diversity

Terms of Reference

  • To provide effective collaboration and communication amongst QULOC members
  • To cooperate on staff development and share information on staffing issues
  • To provide a regional focus for the implementation of cooperative activities, complementing the work done at a national level by other groups
  • To identify potential cooperative research projects to increase the effectiveness of library services in QULOC libraries
  • To promote the common interests of QULOC members through advocacy where appropriate

Corporate Governance

Strategic Plan


Carmel Profile Pic.jpg
Carmel O'Sullivan
Director, Library Services
University of Southern Queensland

Executive Officer

Rachael photo.jpg
Rachael Harrison
Queensland University of Technology
0434 601 827 Monday, Thursday, Friday

QULOC History

BULOC, the Brisbane University Libraries Office of Cooperation was established in April 1991 as a joint initiative of the three Brisbane university libraries (Griffith University, Queensland University of Technology, and University of Queensland). The founding mission was to provide a framework for initiating and promoting cooperative ventures between member libraries and to foster collaboration between the libraries and other appropriate information organizations.

Cooperation, however limited, had long existed between the three Brisbane university libraries. But the impetus for change arrived with tighter economic conditions, the "information explosion" effect, and new government policies on inter-university collaboration. In response to these demands, BULOC was launched to stimulate joint activities on a larger and more organized scale.

The success of BULOC's operations over its first two years provided the foundation on which a larger group could operate, and in May 1993 BULOC was transformed to QULOC, with six new members - Australian Catholic University, Bond University, the University of Southern Queensland, James Cook University of North Queensland, the University of Central Queensland, and from over the border the University of New England, Northern Rivers. The State Library of Queensland which has some interests in common with university libraries joined QULOC as with observer status. The University of New England - Northern Rivers subsequently became the Southern Cross University, retaining membership of QULOC. The University of New England (Armidale) was welcomed into QULOC in 2000. Membership of QULOC involves equal access to all QULOC activities and working parties, as well as an equal financial contribution to the operating costs of the organization.

At the center of QULOC is the University Librarians' Committee, initiating programs and setting priorities for the organization. These directions are implemented by a series of working parties, with members from each institution. Convenors of the working parties as well as their terms of reference are decided by the University Librarians' Committee.
Underpinning the organization is the QULOC secretariat. Staffed by an Executive Officer on a part-time basis, the secretariat is generally located within the institution of the Convenor of QULOC. The convenorship rotates on a two year cycle:

2018-2019 Carmel O'Sullivan, University of Southern Queensland
2017 Wendy Abbott, University Librarian, Bond University
2015-2016 Robert Gerrity, University Librarian, University of Queensland
2013-2015 Barbara Paton, University Librarian, University of New England
2010-2013 Sandra Jeffries, Director Information Services, University of the Sunshine Coast
2008-2010 Graham Black, Director Division of Library Services, Central Queensland University
2006-2008 Jim Graham, Manager (Library), McAuley at Banyo Campus, Australian Catholic University
2004-2006 Heather Gordon, Executive Director, Information Services, University of the Sunshine Coast
2002-2004 Janice Rickards, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Information Services), Griffith University
2000-2002 Janine Schmidt, University Librarian, University of Queensland
1998-2000 Evelyn Woodberry, University Librarian, Bond University
1996-1998 Madeleine McPherson, University Librarian, University of Southern Queensland
1994-1996 Gaynor Austen, University Librarian, Queensland University of Technology
1993-1994 Janice Rickards, University Librarian, Griffith University
1991-1993 Brian Cook, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Information Services) Griffith University